Logistic Projects

Business Case: Freight Cost Optimization

Customer Benefits

Measurable benefits in numbers

Optimizing the billing process
Time Savings 72%
Freight cost optimization via Freight Management System: worldwide service, cost and volume transparency for optimization
Savings 14%
Savings from credit notes for billing differences with a 100% fully automated invoice checking

Business Case: Utilization Optimization

Ø-Utilization project start

Ø-Utilization after the project

Status-quo situation


Measurable benefits in numbers

Business Case: RFQ-Support

Setup before the RFQ

The logistics network is designed for local distribution due to historical reasons. The delivery to the end customer is done from the respective production country. Cross-border transports are only used in intercompany traffic to warehouses and production sites. As a result, the routing is not distance and cost optimized. A change of the routing and allowance of cross-border supply of the customer can demonstrably generate significant savings.

Setup after the RFQ

In addition to cost reductions, the aim of the tenders is to optimize the logistics network. The customer collected, next to domestic rates, also rates for other countries in the European tenders. For example rates from northern Spain to southern France are requested. As part of the RFQ support, scenarios with alternative routings are calculated in the simulation. The calculation revealed potential savings of more than 10% for cross-border supply of the end customers.

Measurable benefits in numbers