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Logistic costs are up to 15% of the product costs of industrial companies. In trading companies the share can be up to 25%. In order to keep the logistical part as low as possible, experts like fr8control are strategically and operationally dealing with freight cost.
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Business Case:

reight Cost Optimization

Worldwide freight cost optimization through the use of our Freight Management System.

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Business Case: Auslastungsoptimierung

Business Case:

Utilization Optimization

Significant improvement of the utilization through process optimization and KPI management.

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Business Case:

RFQ Support

Cost reduction through professional tendering and route optimization from the plants to the end customer.

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Our Logistics Blog

Logistics is an integral part of every trading and production company and has historically been considered a mere cost center. Storage areas are required to keep produced goods in stock until the next order. Transports are necessary to transport the goods from the seller to the buyer. The in-house logistics ensures that the production has a smooth supply of materials.

Summarized: There are costs without any value-adding activity
The described situation still prevails today in a large number of companies. Other companies have already internalized to develop competitive advantages over their direct competitors through a professional logistics setup.

This blog is aimed at all interested persons and logistics experts and is dedicated to the topics of consulting and freight cost optimization. It teaches how to reduce freight costs and optimize processes.

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